About us

Based in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW, Byron Paragliding are a fully insured SAFA (Sports Aviation Federation Australia) Approved Training Facility.

We provide Paragliding Courses, Tandem Flights and stock a wide range of Paragliding Equipment.

The Northern Rivers mild sub-tropical climate allows for Paragliding Courses to be conducted all year round. With an abundance of both coastal and inland sites, the student pilot gets to enjoy the thrills of thermic flying conditions and smooth coastal soaring. Our flying sites extend from Minnie Waters near Yamba through to Cabarita near Tweed Heads and include the world famous surfing reserve at Lennox Head, Possum Shoot Ridge Byron Bay, Montecollum Mullumbimby and Numulgi. Whether learning to fly a paraglider or enjoying a scenic tandem flight, Byron Paragliding will be sure to deliver service beyond your expectations. Our paragliding course numbers are capped at just four students to ensure a more in depth learning program and instructor engagement.

We consider safety to be paramount

Paragliding is actually one of the safest forms of recreational aviation and Byron Paragliding will ensure the student pilot has a safe learning environment. We recognise that every student is individual and may learn or adapt new skills at a different pace. Our experienced instructors have facilitated paragliding courses to a wide range of students young & old from many different backgrounds and walks of life. By applying a calm, focussed individual approach to instructing we have succeeded in achieving what may once have been just a wildest dream, the dream of Free Flight !

What can I expect & What is involved

Learning to fly a paraglider is an exciting and unique experience, there is no other form of aviation where the student pilot would have the opportunity to fly solo so early in a training program. Our Paragliding Courses (PG2) are usually conducted over a period of nine days and include both practical & theoretical components. Emphasis is directed towards the practical sessions whenever and as often as the weather conditions allow. The student pilot can expect to have conducted 30 flights and will have demonstrated skills and competency in soaring flights unassisted by the end of the course.

Theory sessions are usually conducted in the classroom when weather conditions do not permit flying, you can expect to complete around a total of 10 hours to prepare you for the multiple choice exam.

Whilst we cannot guarantee that you will complete your PG2 during the nine day period (due to weather conditions or personal circumstances) Byron Paragliding will not charge you if the course extends and you are welcome to come back as often as you like.

Paragliding Equipment & Considerations

Byron Paragliding provide all the equipment you need to complete any of the courses advertised by us.

We are extremely knowledgeable in ensuring that the student pilot has the correct certified equipment, in the correct weight range and is suitable for that pilots ability & skill level. All too often a student pilot will purchase equipment without expert consultation prior to a course, only to find that their instructor will not allow them to participate using such equipment due to safety concerns. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you resist the temptation of buying new or used equipment until seeking the guidance of your Instructor or Paragliding School.

Meet the Team

When you decide to learn to fly a paraglider or embark upon more advanced training, you want to feel assured that you are in safe hands. Ask yourself what you want from your instructor or coach. Being the world champion aerobatic or cross country pilot does not necessarily mean you are going to make for a great Instructor. Everyone remembers their favourite teacher at school.

Our crew are professional, knowledgeable, meticulous and skilled in their approach. They communicate well and instill confidence to the student pilot.

Our instructors will ensure that you receive a comprehensive & well balanced training program that will give you the grounding to build upon for the rest of your flying progression.

Frequently Asked Questions

Paragliding is often referred to as the “purest” form of flight. Paragliders are foot launched , have no rigid structure or motor. They majestically use thermic currents or ocean sea breezes to gain altitude and perform free flight. A tandem paraglider is simply a larger wing certified to carry two people.

The pilot & passenger sit securely in a comfortable chair like harness allowing uninterrupted 360 degree views.

No formal training is required to fly as passenger on a tandem paraglider if flying with an approved instructor, however if you wish to fly a paraglider solo and experience all the thrills, excitement and rewards that paragliding has to offer, then you will need to complete a SAFA (Sports Aviation Federation Australia) approved course provided by a SAFA approved paragliding school.

To discover more regarding the requirements of flying a paraglider visit our pilot resources.

For Tandem Flights

  1. Passengers must be over the age of 10
  2. Passengers must weigh between 30-100 Kg
  3. Passengers must be able to walk/jog 4-5 steps for take off.

Should you fall outside these minimum requirements, please call to discuss as we may still be able to accommodate any limitations.

Learn to Fly a Paraglider Solo

In order to commence paragliding lessons the student pilot must be over the age of 14 ( Parent consent required if under the age of 18)

Byron Paragliding have taught many students to fly a paraglider from all walks of life and across a diverse age range. A moderate level of fitness is required to enjoyably progress through the training program, however we have taught pilots over the age of 70 to Fly !  so no barriers !

If you are considering to learn to fly a paraglider and wish to learn more, visit our pilot resources page or contact us for more information.

Booking your tandem paragliding flight is simple.

  1. Select your preferred Launch site.
  2. Proceed to Add to cart
  3. Enter your available dates
  4. Select Payment Option

Booking confirmation will be sent via your email address and one of our pilots will contact you to schedule your flight.

If weather conditions are not suitable for your chosen site, your pilot will reschedule or offer an alternative near by location.

Gift Vouchers are valid for up to 18 months from date of Purchase.

Should your flight be canceled due to adverse weather conditions and no alternative date or location is available a full refund will be made subject to our Terms & Conditions

Our Paragliding sites are flyable all year round, however are subject to certain meteorological conditions such as wind speed and direction in order to fly.

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We have many locations around the Northern Rivers (Byron Bay, Mullumbimby, Tweed Heads etc) and the Gold Coast.

If you would like to speak to a passionate paragliding professional before you book please call us on 0431 991 800 or book a time to call bellow: