PG2 Paraglider Full Course


Date 1        19th May- 26th May                                    Places available 

Date 2        2oth July – 28th July                                  Places available  

Date 3.      14th September – 22nd September        Places available


Please contact us if your preferred dates are not available as we often have

part time students or catch up courses running.

Our 9 day intensive paraglider course is by far the best option to complete your PG2 solo license. Not only is it the most cost effective and quickest route to obtaining PG2 qualification, it also provides consistency in skill development as the course is completed over 9 consecutive days. 

In addition to providing student discount on all paragliding equipment and gliders we also offer FREE EXTENDED SUPERVISION to PG3 *

Byron Paragliding do not facilitate large group numbers and our courses are capped at 4 students. This ensures that the student pilot is receiving the best possible instructor to student ratio and that time is not wasted or flying opportunities missed.

Our PG2 solo course is SAFA (Sports Aviation Federation Australia) approved and the student pilot will complete a minimum of 30 solo flights including several soaring flights, demonstrate consistent launch & landing techniques and competency in the air.

There is also a theoretical component which equates to around twelve hours.

This can be conducted in the classroom or via our PG2 Online Theory Course  & Exam. This flexible online learning approach is particularly suited to students that are completing the course part time around work and family commitments.   

Our main focus is on the practical training and will include a combination of coastal and inland flying.

Byron Paragliding realise that not every student will learn or progress at the same rate and our instructors are well trained to accommodate and allow for individual requirements. If a student has not met the required competency over the 9 days or the weather has been none compliant, then additional catch up days will be scheduled at no cost.

The course price includes SAFA Student membership GST and all equipment required for training.

PG2 Online Theory

Weekend Warrior 2 Day Course

At Byron Paragliding we understand that due to work, budget or family commitments, that not every aspiring pilot is available to commit to a 9 day intensive course. The weekend warrior package is tailored to suit those whom may only be available at weekends or any two consecutive days. All training is logged towards your PG2 certification.

If you decide to convert to the full 9 day PG2 course the cost is deducted.


This course is available all year round, simply book online and follow the email link to choose your preferred dates.


Club Pilot Package Deal+ Full License

Full PG2 License Course and purchase of your own paragliding equipment.

With no hidden surprises our club pilot package is a fantastic deal and includes all the equipment required to fly solo, safely & legally at Australian club sites.

Whilst the standard 9 day paragliding course includes all the equipment required to complete the course, the novice pilot will then have to purchase their own equipment to fly Australian club sites. This usually means that the pilot needs other equipment in addition to a paragliding wing & harness.

  • A PG2 club pilot will need a UHF radio to communicate with other pilots and the safety officer or duty pilot.
  • An altimeter is required above 300ft.
  • Not advisable to fly inland without a reserve parachute, and some clubs will enforce this.

Byron Paragliding can help take the sting out of the full cost of equipment when combined with the 9 day full solo course


Date 1        19th May- 26th May.                                  Places available

Date 2        2oth July – 28th July                                 Places available

Date 3.      14th September – 22nd September.      Places available

Please contact us if your preferred dates are not available as we often have

part time students or catch up courses running.


1 Day Intro + Tandem

Come join the team at Byron Paragliding for a full days training and get to experience the thrills of flying a paraglider first hand.

Depending upon weather conditions the student pilot will have the option of either a soaring  tandem high flight or Solo low glides with their instructor.

Next Available Dates:

This course is available all year round, simply book online and follow the email link to choose your preferred dates


Paragliding Tow Endorsement


DATE 1     25th-26th May  Manilla NSW

DATE 2     1st-2nd June Boonah QLD

Available to all pilots PG2 and above, Tow launches offer an excellent alternative when your local sites wind direction or strength is not favourable. In addition most SIV venues in Australia require a tow endorsement as a prerequisite .

Byron Paragliding will equip you with the necessary skills regardless if you intend to embark upon your own towing adventures or participate in our XC safari.



200 + Logged skydives.

Since you already have an understanding of canopy control and movement through the air Progress is often quicker.

Transitioning from skydiving to paragliding opens up a whole new realm of aerial exploration. While both activities involve the thrill of flight, paragliding offers a unique and serene experience. As a skydiver turns to paragliding, they exchange the adrenaline-pumping freefall for the tranquility of soaring gracefully on the wind currents. The transition requires a shift in skills, from managing vertical descent to mastering the art of controlling a wing and harnessing thermals for prolonged flight. Embracing paragliding allows the skydiver to intimately connect with the atmosphere, as they navigate the skies with a sense of freedom and awe-inspiring views, making each flight a harmonious dance between earth and sky.

Next Available Dates:

This course is available all year round, simply book online and follow the email link to choose your preferred dates


Hang Glider Conversion Course

50+ logged Hours

Since you will already have a good feel and good understanding of gliding , wether and regulations, progress is usually quicker and the course completed in 7 days Transitioning from hang gliding to paragliding is an exhilarating journey that opens up new horizons in the world of aerial exploration. As hang gliders gracefully embrace the skies with their sturdy and rigid frames, paragliding offers a more delicate dance with the wind, using a flexible canopy to harness the elements. While both sports share the thrill of flight, paragliding introduces pilots to a different sense of freedom, where subtle shifts in weight and air currents become the artistry of navigation. The transition involves adapting skills, refining instincts, and embracing the subtleties of a new flying experience. With a paraglider’s gentle takeoffs, serene glides, and soft landings, the conversion from hang gliding to paragliding is a captivating transformation that unveils fresh perspectives in the realm of human flight.

International Licence Conversion
Price on enquiry (Click here to enquire)



Welcome to Byron Paragliding – Your Gateway to Parakiting Mastery!

Learn to Fly a Para Kite or Speed Wing with Expert Guidance

Are you ready to experience the thrill of soaring through the skies with a speed wing or Para-kite? At Byron Paragliding we offer comprehensive training programs designed to turn your skyward dreams into reality. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pilot, our expert instructors are here to guide you through the exhilarating world of Para Kiting or speed wing flying.

Unveiling the Essence: Speed wings vs. Paragliders vs Parakite

Canopy Size: A Defining Factor

The most fundamental divergence between a speedwing and a paraglider lies in their canopy sizes. Paragliders typically span a range of 22m² to 34m², while speedwings carve through the skies with a more compact canopy, varying between 18m² and 8m². This significant contrast in size sets the stage for a myriad of divergent flight dynamics.

Wing Loading: A Force to be Reckoned With

Wing loading, the weight supported per unit area of wing, is a critical factor in aviation. Speedwings, with their smaller canopies, bear a vastly higher wing loading compared to paragliders. This translates into faster trim speeds and, when coupled with shorter line lengths, bestows upon speedwings an unparalleled agility and dynamic handling that pilots crave.

Parakites or reflex wings such as the Flare Moustache or Flow Mullet offer even more fun to the party in the sky!

Turning kinetic energy via the unique reflex system which alters the angle of attack to generate lift. The pilot can take coastal soaring to a complete new level.

Dynamic Handling: The Dance in the Sky

The increased wing loading of speedwings & Para-Kites contributes to a more dynamic and responsive handling experience. Pilots maneuver with finesse and precision, reveling in the heightened sensitivity to control inputs. The combination of speed and agility opens up a realm of aerobatic possibilities, making parakites the preferred choice for those seeking an adrenaline-fueled dance in the sky.


Frequently Asked Questions

Paragliding is often referred to as the “purest” form of flight. Paragliders are foot launched , have no rigid structure or motor. They majestically use thermic currents or ocean sea breezes to gain altitude and perform free flight. A tandem paraglider is simply a larger wing certified to carry two people.

The pilot & passenger sit securely in a comfortable chair like harness allowing uninterrupted 360 degree views.

No formal training is required to fly as passenger on a tandem paraglider if flying with an approved instructor, however if you wish to fly a paraglider solo and experience all the thrills, excitement and rewards that paragliding has to offer, then you will need to complete a SAFA (Sports Aviation Federation Australia) approved course provided by a SAFA approved paragliding school.

To discover more regarding the requirements of flying a paraglider visit our pilot resources.

For Tandem Flights

  1. Passengers must be over the age of 10
  2. Passengers must weigh between 30-100 Kg
  3. Passengers must be able to walk/jog 4-5 steps for take off.

Should you fall outside these minimum requirements, please call to discuss as we may still be able to accommodate any limitations.

Learn to Fly a Paraglider Solo

In order to commence paragliding lessons the student pilot must be over the age of 14 ( Parent consent required if under the age of 18)

Byron Paragliding have taught many students to fly a paraglider from all walks of life and across a diverse age range. A moderate level of fitness is required to enjoyably progress through the training program, however we have taught pilots over the age of 70 to Fly !  so no barriers !

If you are considering to learn to fly a paraglider and wish to learn more, visit our pilot resources page or contact us for more information.

Booking your tandem paragliding flight is simple.

  1. Select your preferred Launch site.
  2. Proceed to Add to cart
  3. Enter your available dates
  4. Select Payment Option

Booking confirmation will be sent via your email address and one of our pilots will contact you to schedule your flight.

If weather conditions are not suitable for your chosen site, your pilot will reschedule or offer an alternative near by location.

Gift Vouchers are valid for up to 18 months from date of Purchase.

Should your flight be canceled due to adverse weather conditions and no alternative date or location is available a full refund will be made subject to our Terms & Conditions

Our Paragliding sites are flyable all year round, however are subject to certain meteorological conditions such as wind speed and direction in order to fly.

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We have many locations around the Northern Rivers (Byron Bay, Mullumbimby, Tweed Heads etc) and the Gold Coast.

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