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This portal provides links and downloads to recommended reading and other information that the student pilot may find useful prior to engaging on the PG2 Paragliding course. Access to SAFA Student Membership and other online learning information & courses.

SAFA Student Membership

This video is for information purposes only and does not replace proper training by an approved SAFA training school.

It is a criminal offence to fly a paraglider in Australia without the appropriate certification & licence.

Fly skyhy Paragliding app

Paragliding Flight  App for Apple

Flyskyhy is the most popular flight app on iPhone, used by thousands of paraglider, hangglider, and glider plane pilots around the world. It forms your flight instrument during flight and shows all information you need for that. You get the normal data like altitude, climb rate, ground speed, and glide angle. But it also calculates and shows the current wind direction and strength, very important for your safety.

Integration with Bluetooth varios gives accurate altitude and lift/sink information. That turns your iPhone into a full-fledged GPS-vario, including vario tones.

XC Track Paragliding App

Paragliding Flight App for Android

XC flying

  • FAI assistant
  • Online-contest track optimization during flight
  • One-click flight upload to XContest server


  • Support for competition tasks
  • Widgets to aid competition flying
  • Task sharing using QR code, NFC, email, WhatsApp and others
  • Saving and loading tasks from a file
  • Support for all major waypoint file formats
XC Soar Flight App

Flight App for Android / Windows

XCSoar is a tactical glide computer originally developed for the Pocket PC platform. In 2005, the originally commercial software was given to the open-source community for further development and has constantly been improved since. It is now a multi-platform application that currently runs on Windows, Windows Mobile, Unix and even Android devices.

Weather Resources

“It is best to read the weather forecast before praying for rain”

The weather is one of the most important factors a paraglider pilot has to consider. No matter what their ability or rating, from PG2 through to PG5 , coastal soaring or inland thermic flying, the aspiring pilot needs to develop a good understanding of interpreting the forecast. Developing these skills reduces the risk of flying in conditions that are not suited for the pilots skill level and experience.

By looking for confluence between several forecast sites and interpreting live observations the pilot can begin to build up a picture for the days weather pattern and avoid the sentiment of the quote below..

” It is better to be on the ground wishing you were up there, than up there wishing you were on the ground”

My workflow for establishing the suitability for flying is to first look at the macro picture starting with the BOM Synoptic charts, and then looking for confluence and agreement with other forecasts on a more micro level  whilst taking into consideration wind strength and direction at higher altitudes.

Windy TY

Windy is useful for predicting wind strength and direction at surface levels and different altitudes. Paragliding locations are visible and both GFS & ECMWF models can be compared. Rain, clouds & thunder can also be interrogated through the windy ty interactive interface.

SEQ Aus Rasp

The SEQ Aus Rasp is a very useful and free resource (please donate) for paraglider pilots. In addition to forecasting wind strength and direction at various altitudes, assessment can be made on thermic updraft velocity ( How strong the thermal is likely to be), over development of clouds, height of useful lift and wind strength at Boundary layer (BL).

XC Skies Soaring forecast

XC Skies is a low cost subscription gliding forecast that many XC pilots use. Similar but more powerful than Aus Rasp. Great resource when used in conjunction with other forecasts and confluence is established.

Meteoblue weather

Meteoblue is a European weather site originally created for agricultural use, however provides a reliable surface forecast when confluence is found with other sites such as weatherzone or the BOM ( Bureau of Meteorology)

Holfuy Weather App

Holfuy Live Weather Station App

Log on to local paragliding sites for live weather readings from your favorite sites.

The official Holfuy Android application to monitor the data from Holfuy weather stations.
You can check the following in this app:
– Favorite stations overview with live data
– Detailed live data view
– Average data table view
– Graphs

Bom oLive Obs

Latest Weather Observations for New South Wales

Vital live observations throughout the NSW / QLD area

Detailed & Interactive Forecasts

High resolution detailed cross platform weather forecasting.

Requires subscription.

Special Interest

If you are looking for some great content and inspiration whilst focusing on your free flight dreams, be sure to check out the following content.

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