Flow Fusion Light ENC


Fusion Light is the light version of the Fusion. 

Built extensively with Porcher Skytex 27g and light weight dyneema risers, the Fusion Light is livelier, lighter, more compact and has a more direct handling and feel.

We’ve managed to improve the speed range and the overall performance slightly, making our EN C glider even better. The fun factor and real performance of this glider is truly amazing. Like it’s original brother, Fusion Light is a game changer!

We have introduced a pulley on the floating B riser, which gives a true 2-liner feel as well as lighter rear riser control, integrating the hybrid 3-2 line layout in harmony and efficiency.

We believe the Fusion Light will be the perfect glider for many adventures, hike & fly missions or just the perfect companion for your next flight.

We are happy that the Fusion Light is certified, as it is the favourite glider of our team pilots, and it can now be appreciated and enjoyed by intermediate pilots who like the practicality of a 3 liner glider and the efficiency of a purebred 2 liner racer.

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Fusion Light rear riser steering is a game changer in performance gains for an EN C class.

Allowing the pilot to fly at speed through active thermic air. Direct feedback and millisecond reaction time to catch collapses and steer the glider while keeping the same top speed whilst improving glide ratio.

The concept is the same as 2-liners, and the biggest advantage besides direct feel through the toggles is its ability to keep “nose up” and pitch stability maintaining the solidity throughout the whole glide. Either on a thermic ridge run or under a cloud street, the Fusion Light allows the pilot to fly at full bar with confidence and solidity.

Rather than distorting the airfoil the direct rear riser steering causes a real change in AoA allowing the pilot to keep flying at full speed retaining its energy which therefore converts bubbles into lift.


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