50+ logged Hours

Since you will already have a good feel and good understanding of gliding , wether and regulations, progress is usually quicker and the course completed in 7 days Transitioning from hang gliding to paragliding is an exhilarating journey that opens up new horizons in the world of aerial exploration. As hang gliders gracefully embrace the skies with their sturdy and rigid frames, paragliding offers a more delicate dance with the wind, using a flexible canopy to harness the elements. While both sports share the thrill of flight, paragliding introduces pilots to a different sense of freedom, where subtle shifts in weight and air currents become the artistry of navigation. The transition involves adapting skills, refining instincts, and embracing the subtleties of a new flying experience. With a paraglider’s gentle takeoffs, serene glides, and soft landings, the conversion from hang gliding to paragliding is a captivating transformation that unveils fresh perspectives in the realm of human flight.

International Licence Conversion
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