Paragliding Tow Endorsement


Available to all pilots PG2 and above, Tow launches offer an excellent alternative when your local sites wind direction or strength is not favourable. In addition most SIV venues in Australia require a tow endorsement as a prerequisite .

Byron Paragliding will equip you with the necessary skills regardless if you intend to embark upon your own towing adventures or participate in our XC safari.


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This comprehensive 2 day course will equip the paragliding pilot with the necessary skills to safely act as pilot in command whilst under tow.

  • Forward & Reverse Launches
  • Tow Bridal attachment & weak link systems
  • Pilot input on tow
  • ¬†Emergency procedures
  • Dealing with cross wind
  • Line tension under tow
  • Simulated weak link breaks
  • Signalling & commands
  • Theory & Assessment

Minimum 10 Successful Tow launches

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