Online PG2 Paragliding Course ( Theory)

Our Online PG2 theory course will provide the student with the required knowledge base to successfully complete the SAFA PG2 paragliding work book and online Exam.

Tailored for those who are completing the course part time

  1. Introduction to Paragliding:
    • Understanding the basics of paragliding, its history, and the principles of flight.
  2. Aerodynamics and Meteorology:
    • In-depth study of aerodynamics as it applies to paragliding.
    • Meteorological principles and how weather conditions affect paragliding.
  3. Equipment and Gear:
    • Familiarization with paragliding equipment, including the canopy, harness, and reserve parachute.
    • Safety checks and maintenance procedures.
  4. Flight Rules and Regulations:
    • Overview of local and national regulations governing paragliding.
    • Airspace rules and regulations.
  5. Safety Protocols:
    • Emergency procedures and protocols.
    • Risk management and hazard assessment.
  6. Flight Planning:
    • Understanding and planning flights based on weather conditions.
    • Navigation and route planning.
  7. Practical Training:
    • Ground handling skills, including inflating and controlling the wing on the ground.
    • Low-level flights and practicing take-offs and landings.
    • High-level flights and more advanced maneuvers.
  8. Communication and Signals:
    • Learning and using communication signals specific to paragliding.
    • Radio communication for in-flight coordination.
  9. Theory Examinations:
    • Written examinations covering theoretical aspects of paragliding.