Under the new SAFA 149 Regulations, Parakites ( Flare Moustache & Flow Mullet ) require a speed wing endorsement to pilot.

Wings operated at a wing loading exceeding 5kg/m2 also require the above endorsement.


(1) Applicant must be over the age of 18

(2) Hold a valid PG4 certificate or above or hold a PG3 certificate and hold, or have held a ASAO class C certificate with 100 logged jumps.

(3) Successfully complete the theory and in flight examinations to a level of competency under the supervision of a SAFA approved instructor .

(5) Applicant to have completed a minimum of 25 flights under the supervision of SAFA instructor.

A PG3 Pilot may commence training under supervision of an instructor, however may not fly solo until the PG4 rating is confirmed.

Byron Paragliding Para-kite / Speed wing endorsement includes-

  • Online theory mini course
  • Supervision , Coaching & Instruction
  • Equipment if required